Important Audition Tips 2017

1) If your costume enhances your act, or if you are a dance group, it is preferred that you wear the costumes you plan to wear in the show.

2) Remember that the judges try to include all acts possible in the limited time they have allotted for the show. Acts that go over in time have less chance of being chosen.

3) The Green & White Revue is a family show; all lyrics are reviewed under this umbrella. If you are not sure about your lyrics, it is advised that you choose lyrics that would not be questioned. All lyrics are required to be printed out at the time of your audition.

4) Short acts (usually performed by younger students) are often preferred because they can be performed within the allotted time for 1 acts.

5) Acts that include multiple students are preferred because they allow more students to be accepted into the show and because they bring a larger audience. (Just be sure that all members of the act are prepared for the audition to be fair to all others in the act.)

6) When auditioning with music, live music is preferred if possible over prerecorded or karaoke if other students are able to perform with you.

7) We are not able to accept an act with vocal tracks still included in the music. The judges are not able to hear your voice, acts with vocal tracks will be disqualified.

8) As much as they’d like to, the judges are not able to give feedback after your audition. Please be aware that the judges are required to balance the show with a variety of acts. In the past, acts were not accepted simply because of questionable lyrics, a duplicated song with another auditioned act, or because there may have been other acts auditioned of similar type. Not being accepted into the show does not necessarily mean that your act was not worthy to be included. Please don’t be discouraged, the judges always look forward to seeing you try again next year.

9) Variety of act is always a plus. If your act is unusual and also very entertaining, it will increase your chances of being in the show.

10) You can audition to be in more than one act if you wish but it is preferred that you are not the lead in more than one act. You can accompany as many acts as you’d like. Seniors are judged with priority since it’s their last year to be included in the show.

11) When deciding between acts to accept in to the show, the acts where facial expressions and enthusiasm were remembered always have the advantage.

12) The auditions are informal; don’t be nervous, everyone is pulling for you to do your best!

13) One last note from the judges: The Green & White Revue is a fund raiser for the High School PTSA. All students who audition for the show are to be commended in advance for all the volunteer time and efforts they have put into their audition and performances.


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